General Community Rules

  • No racist or sexist remarks is allowed.
  • No impersonating staff or other members.
  • NSFW content is strictly prohibited, that includes sprays, texts and more.
  • Staff members have the final say regardless of this rule list.
  • No advertising other Garry's Mod communities or Discord servers.
  • Be respectful to others, we have zero tolerance towards toxicity.
  • Avoiding punishment may result in a more severe punishment.
  • Selling or buying for real life currency among players and/or gambling is prohibited.
  • Drama within the community / OOC / Advert must take place within private communication.
  • English is the only language we allow to be spoken within the community, that includes roleplay names.
  • Attempting to find loopholes or exploit the server rules is not allowed.
  • Do not interfere with staff sits.
  • No mentions of politics or outside world events within the server.
  • Use common sense.

Roleplay Rules

  • Do not RDM (Random Death Match - Randomly killing someone without a valid rp reason such as raids, mugs, self defense etc.)
  • Do not NLR (New Life Rule - You must forget about your past life and not return to the place of death for atleast 2½ minutes.)
  • Do not RA (Random Arrest - Arresting someone without valid reason or not giving them atleast 1 warning before arresting.)
  • Metagaming (The use of information obtained out of character)
  • FailRP (You must roleplay in a realistic manner, basically putting yourself in character and acting as if it was you in real life.)
  • FearRP (You must value your life, if you're getting kidnapped or mugged please comply to their demands, if the person does not have a weapon drawn you may attack them first if they're threatening you with a mug or kidnapping.)
  • Job Abusing (Do not swap jobs just to get a specific perk of the job and then change back.)
  • KOS/AOS (Kill on Sight / Arrest on Sight - You must give them a warning atleast 5 seconds prior to arresting/killing them to give them a chance to respond.)
  • Tasing/Stunning (Do not randomly tase or stun people without valid reason.)
  • Props (Do not prop climb, block or minge using props, one exception being the sewer entrance towards PD jails where you're allowed to put a prop to be able to climb into the entrance from the sewers.)
  • Adverts (You must advert any action such as mugging, raiding, kidnapping)

Base / Property Rules

  • Mega bases are allowed as long as it does not block streets, maximum towards street is the sidewalk.
  • Jump/Crouch/Underground entrances are not allowed, entrances must fit atleast 2 people.
  • Traps, puzzles & maze bases are not allowed.
  • Maximum fading doors within a base is 4.
  • Keypads must be located at eye height next to the fading door it is used for, aswell as you cannot use fake keypads or multiple keypads in the same location for the same door.
  • Roleplay marked buildings such as restuarants, cafés, bars etc cannot be raided, aswell as those bases cannot contain any money making entities.
  • While a property has the "Building" text it cannot be raided or interfered with.
  • If your base is a gang base it must have the text tag for it outside of it.
  • To be able to KOS on your property you must include it in the text at your entrance.

Raiding Rules

  • Roleplay tagged buildings cannot be raided.
  • After raiding a base you must wait atleast 20 minutes before raiding the same base again.
  • After you've finished raiding a base, please leave the perimeter.
  • You cannot spawn or remove props during a raid, this applies to both raider & raided.
  • Government Officials are allowed to take control of a small area outside of the base and are also allowed to spawn props in the perimeter to make a blockage, they must also include a text screen saying "Police Barricade".

Job Rules

Government Officials

  • You cannot own a base other than the PD itself.
  • You cannot own any money making entities.
  • You must obey by the laws.
  • You cannot raid without a valid warrant.
  • You're encouraged to arrest people rather than killing them when finding someone guilty of a crime.
  • You're allowed to create a checkpoint outside of the PD and the maximum fee for passing through is $2,500.
  • You're allowed to AOS (Arrest on Sight) anywhere inside of the PD except for the lobby.
  • You must have a valid reason to arrest/warrant someone.
  • You're allowed to KOS cultists no matter where it is.
  • PD can only have a maximum of 3 fading doors.
  • You may not block of the prison as it needs to be accessible by anyone both from inside and outside in case of a criminal being freed by another.
  • You're not allowed to partake in criminal activites.
  • Laws / Agenda must be reasonable and not break any of the server rules.


  • The maximum mug amount is $20,000
  • When kidnapping someone the maximum ransom is $100,000, this can be paid by both kidnapped and others.
  • After raiding the PD you must wait atleast 30 minutes before doing so again.
  • Criminal agenda must be reasonable and follow the server rules.

Cult Members / Leader

  • You're allowed to kidnap people but you're not allowed to get a ransom.
  • You're KOS anywhere on the map, but you can only KOS people underground.
  • You may only use melee weapons.
  • You cannot kill other cult members except for sacrificial purposes.
  • You don't have to follow NLR rules, but you still cannot remember the last person to kill you and take revenge.


  • You may build on the streets but not completely block them off.
  • You're not allowed to have a printer.
  • You can micspam but only if you're stationary and have a text screen.
  • Your build cannot block any entrances or server entities (npc's, territory flags & such).
  • Your build cannot be too big, staff members will decide if a build is too big or not.